Saturday, August 31, 2013

Struggle to stay fit

Today I'm going to write about something that I've definitely been struggling with these past couple months,  trying to stay active and fit while pregnant. I've always been the type to kind of go through phases with my exercising, however before I found out I was pregnant I was doing really well, I was doing a bootcamp which I usually do a couple times a year and had dropped about 12 pounds and twenty some inches the 2 months prior and was feeling really good.  I then found out I was pregnant and within about two weeks all the fun symptoms began. I had bad nausea all the time and was extremely tired ALL the time with no energy needless to day after spending  hours a day at a pretty physically demanding job I  had no extra energy for exercising.

This left me to focus on my eating as a way to slow down with the weight gain, because I gain weight extremely easy and quickly and I usually gain it all in my hips/stomach area. I did really well with this until about my third month, then the cravings really kicked in and I found I would get hungry quicker then before even after eating meals,so while I definitely tried to snack in healthier options it just didn't always happen, up until month 3 I was only at about 8-10 pound gain.

 Now at 21 weeks things have changed severely, well it's not that bad but feel like it sometimes. My energy levels are still pretty well the same but I'm slowly just making myself be more active and eat better, up until recently my only exercise was walking the dog and I hated how I lost nearly all my muscle definition in mt arms and upper legs from no weight training. I found a couple different 10 minute workout videos designed for pregnant women, my favorite being this one here. I also have a 10 pound free weight and kettlebell and am slowly doing little bits of moderate weight training to not only make myself feel better and hopefully get more energy but to also look better.

Do any of you hare this struggle? If so please feel free to share things that helped or worked for you Id love more ideas!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Up to date..

I'm currently 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant so I'm not going to go all the way back to the beginning and fill you in on every little detail because I would be here forever and no one would want to read that all in one sitting haha, I will however fill you in on the main points up to this date.

May 8th- This marks the day we found out we were expecting, putting me around the 4.5 week mark. We had discussed having children pretty well since we had gotten married, in October 2011, but in September 2012 I really got baby fever and decided I wanted them sooner then later. November 2012 was when we stopped using birth control and we were honestly expecting it to take anywhere from 6-12 months for us to conceive so when we found out it only took about 4.5 months it left us a little shocked but very excited.

June 10th- This is when everyone started finding out we had told our parents and close friends and family mostly within a week of finding out but didn't want everyone to know just yet so after we had our first doctors appointment and everything was confirmed we felt more comfortable with putting it out there. I was very fortunate with morning sickness, while I felt like crap and had some major nausea I never threw up and was able to go about normal day to day life pretty well.

 August 21st- This was a special day for us, this was our 20 week scan where we got to find our the gender of our little baby. Getting to lay there for about 20-30 minutes and just watch our baby was honestly one of the best moments ever it was so unbelievable just to see everything so clear and all themovements was so special. We got a pretty clear shot for gender reveal and were happy to see it was a little boy, this was what I had thought from the beginning. During the scan he was sucking this fingers and also had the hiccups and he was weighing in at 11 ounces. Unfortunately I have yet to really feel any movements but it should be any time now so I'm anxiously awaiting the day!

That pretty well takes us up to now, I am currently starting to have trouble sleeping, starting to have to pee ALL the time and am getting back and hip pains, oh the joys eh. Anyways I will end this post off with a few pictures, thanks for reading!

I usually take belly shots every week or second week, this is just a little recap!

Welcome to my blog!

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to make a (hopefully) quick introduction post. I've attempted blogging before and needless to say it never really panned out for me, I had always picked one specific topic for my blog and that would be all I would write about, and as new interests turned up and old ones faded out so did my interest in blogging about the topic. This is going to be a lifestyle type blog where I post about the goings on of my life right now as its a pretty exciting time for me and the things I am currently enjoying.

I'm 23, soon to be 24 wife and currently pregnant with our first child. I am a huge animal lover, we have an almost 2 year old golden retriever and a 4.5 year old cat and my little family means the world to me and we live on a little island in eastern Canada. Other then my family my main interests consist of make-up and beauty related products, photography and reading.

As stated I'm currently pregnant with our first child and am due the second week of January 2014, a large portion of the content here will be pregnancy related from how my pregnancy is going, progression of our nursery, reviews on products we have bought and tried etc. I want to incorporate my other interests here as well so there will be some variety I will post reviews on books and maybe even some movies I've recently read/watched as well as make-up reviews, I am a huge makeup lover/hoarder and love talking about it. I've also been recently dabbling into photography on a more semi-serious note so I'm sure that will find its way onto here as well.

Thank you for reading this and sorry if it was a little all over the place, hopefully you will find something on here that you like/enjoy and will keep coming back and subscribe to my blog, that is all until next time.