Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to make a (hopefully) quick introduction post. I've attempted blogging before and needless to say it never really panned out for me, I had always picked one specific topic for my blog and that would be all I would write about, and as new interests turned up and old ones faded out so did my interest in blogging about the topic. This is going to be a lifestyle type blog where I post about the goings on of my life right now as its a pretty exciting time for me and the things I am currently enjoying.

I'm 23, soon to be 24 wife and currently pregnant with our first child. I am a huge animal lover, we have an almost 2 year old golden retriever and a 4.5 year old cat and my little family means the world to me and we live on a little island in eastern Canada. Other then my family my main interests consist of make-up and beauty related products, photography and reading.

As stated I'm currently pregnant with our first child and am due the second week of January 2014, a large portion of the content here will be pregnancy related from how my pregnancy is going, progression of our nursery, reviews on products we have bought and tried etc. I want to incorporate my other interests here as well so there will be some variety I will post reviews on books and maybe even some movies I've recently read/watched as well as make-up reviews, I am a huge makeup lover/hoarder and love talking about it. I've also been recently dabbling into photography on a more semi-serious note so I'm sure that will find its way onto here as well.

Thank you for reading this and sorry if it was a little all over the place, hopefully you will find something on here that you like/enjoy and will keep coming back and subscribe to my blog, that is all until next time.

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