Saturday, August 31, 2013

Struggle to stay fit

Today I'm going to write about something that I've definitely been struggling with these past couple months,  trying to stay active and fit while pregnant. I've always been the type to kind of go through phases with my exercising, however before I found out I was pregnant I was doing really well, I was doing a bootcamp which I usually do a couple times a year and had dropped about 12 pounds and twenty some inches the 2 months prior and was feeling really good.  I then found out I was pregnant and within about two weeks all the fun symptoms began. I had bad nausea all the time and was extremely tired ALL the time with no energy needless to day after spending  hours a day at a pretty physically demanding job I  had no extra energy for exercising.

This left me to focus on my eating as a way to slow down with the weight gain, because I gain weight extremely easy and quickly and I usually gain it all in my hips/stomach area. I did really well with this until about my third month, then the cravings really kicked in and I found I would get hungry quicker then before even after eating meals,so while I definitely tried to snack in healthier options it just didn't always happen, up until month 3 I was only at about 8-10 pound gain.

 Now at 21 weeks things have changed severely, well it's not that bad but feel like it sometimes. My energy levels are still pretty well the same but I'm slowly just making myself be more active and eat better, up until recently my only exercise was walking the dog and I hated how I lost nearly all my muscle definition in mt arms and upper legs from no weight training. I found a couple different 10 minute workout videos designed for pregnant women, my favorite being this one here. I also have a 10 pound free weight and kettlebell and am slowly doing little bits of moderate weight training to not only make myself feel better and hopefully get more energy but to also look better.

Do any of you hare this struggle? If so please feel free to share things that helped or worked for you Id love more ideas!

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