Saturday, October 12, 2013

27 week update!

Being pregnant really makes you realize how quickly time really goes by, we only have 13 more weeks until we get to meet our little man! Were into the double digits in out countdown, 94 to be exact, and getting to that point where were getting anxious for him to get here.

Nothing too much has changed or happened since my last update, just a lot of the same. I think some swelling is starting to set in, I took off my rings as a precaution because they were starting to get snug. I also wore a pair of flats today that I haven't wore in a few months and they felt a bit more snug as well.  I also find lots of little everyday chores becoming more difficult as each day passes, as well as I get more tired and sore it seems as each day goes by.

I also had originally planned on working until the first week into December but that plan has now changed,I think November 1st is going to be my last day. I'm on my feet all day and have some physical tasks I need to do so its just getting to be too tough especially when I hardly get any sleep at night, so I don't have much time left until I'll be home a lot more.

As usual to finish this little post off a new belly picture, I'm still expending quite a bit!


  1. I was blog surfing and I can across your blog, welcome to the blogger community and congrats about the baby! Nice reviews on your cosmetics post as well!


    1. You're welcome! Feel free to check out my blog sometime!