Friday, December 27, 2013

Maybelline Master Hi-light blush

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had wanted to get this post up before the holidays but we were just too busy so here it is now instead.

I picked the Maybelline Master Hi-light blush in nude up about 10 days ago, and I've been using it pretty well everyday since just to get a good feel for what I thought about it. I wanted to get more shades of these to try but they were pretty expensive for a drugstore product I though, I paid $12.99. I'm sure more will make its way into my collection at some point though.

The packaging is pretty standard, the product is on top and underneath there is a mirror and a little brush which could come in handy for travel. I'm personally not a fan of the brush it comes with but it could do if you were in a pinch.

I was actually pretty impressed with this product.I went with the shade nude because I figured it would be the most versatile and easiest to work with especially if I ended up not liking it. It does as it says it is a highlighting blush, it leaves a very obvious sheen to your cheeks. You definitely would not want to use a separate highlighter with this product. I do however find it a little sheer when it comes to the blush application, you needs couple well blended layers for it to be really noticeable. a good way to use it is put a little but of a matte colored blush on your cheeks first then top up with this and it gives a beautiful look to your cheeks.

Overall I'd recommend trying this product, and I look forward to trying another color.

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