Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pregnancy update

Here's a quick little update on my pregnancy, I'm currently 35w4d along which is so crazy, my due date is exactly 1 month from today. I kind of hope to go a week or two early though because quite frankly I'm tired of being pregnant, which I know is bad to say, I know how lucky I am to have been pregnant and have things have gone fairly smooth so far. I basically live off naps now, longest stretch I can sleep is about 90 minutes. When I'm awake if I make it 45 minutes between pees then I'm doing good. my back pain has also gotten extremely bad, to the point I can't even sweep my living room without being in severe pain. Also the past two weeks I've been having severe groin aches/soreness, which basically makes walking/bending/moving nearly impossible. All in all I am in pretty rough shape haha, I also look like a small whale so as I said I'm pretty excited to meet my little guy and no longer be pregnant.

Heres the newest picture of the belly that I have, being so large doesn't make me want to take pictures much anymore, this was takes about 2 weeks ago.

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