Friday, October 31, 2014


Every year around this time I seem to go on a cleaning kick, last year it was major because I had some serious nesting going on. As you can imagine since becoming a new mom I may have slacked a bit with keeping the place tidy. I will admit I'm a bit of a hoarder with certain things I always think well I might need it sometime. I usually never do need it, and I throw it out eventually anyways. I like to do it this time of year because I really like having a nice clean house for the holidays and I usually do it gradually over a few weeks. This week I've started with some de-clutter and throwing away old products or just rid of things we just don't need or use. I thought it might be kind of fun to share some of that, mainly as I go through my makeup/beauty related products, I'm sure you don't care about all my other junk.

Today I started with my "vanity" which is just and old desk that needs a makeover in the worst way. This post is y top drawer, which holds my blushes ,highlighters, powders and eye bases. I also want to add yes I have a lot of makeup, much more then probably the average person. I've been "collecting" for about 4ish years so it has added up. I also don't buy or wear it nearly as much anymore, mainly because I'm still home on maternity leave so there's definitely stuff in here that can go.

Before picture (sorry about the quality of photos I only had my phone handy)

As you can see it has gotten a little messy and unorganized but it isn't too bad. I actually love and use quite a lot of these products.

After picture:

Not much difference right? Turns out I have a lot of these products that I just couldn't part with, I did get rid of a few (pictured below). Blushes and highlighters are my weakness I will admit, but it is more organized and clean now so I'm happy with that.

Here is a picture of the products I parted with:

Elf blush- I hardly ever wore this shade and it pretty old so I didn't need to keep this.
 Revlon nearly naked powder- Not my shade for this time of year
2 Maybelline color tattoo's- Both are nearly completely dried out
Nyx creme blush- dried out
MAC creme blush- this is at least 4 years old so very much so dried out
Urban Decay cream highlighter- to creamy/liquidy and not much color pay off and slightly too dark for my skin
Sephora creme blush- Never liked this, its way too shimmery and almost glitter like and following the trend it is also pretty dry.

There you have it, first part of my make-up de-clutttering, I will have another post up soon!

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