Sunday, September 29, 2013

25 week update!

Hey everyone, its that time again! New baby bump picture:

I'm now at 25 weeks and only 15 more to go! It's crazy how quickly the weeks are going by now! As the weeks go on the sleep disappears more and more, on average most nights I'm up 4-6 times to use the washroom, and I also find it insanely hot basically every night even when I shouldn't be so that also makes sleep more difficult. The back pain is also getting  a lot more frequent which definitely sucks too. On the brighter side of things he's getting quite active in there, he was a late bloomer as far as movement and kicking went but he does it a lot more now which is pretty awesome to experience.

Definitely starting to notice the weight gain more and more though, I would say within the next day or so I'll have to take off my wedding rings as they are starting to get pretty snug, that saddens me, in almost 2 years I've never had them off longer then to clean them. I can also notice it in my face as well, it's starting to get a bit chubby

And a final little note, I went to do some shopping with the hubby and my mom today and came home with some goodies for the little fella, can't wait to get the room all put together!

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